June 18, 2008

A bunch of stuff going on....


So, we finally got Zoo memberships and went down there on monday. It was SO much fun and we must have spent close to an hour watching the komodo dragon. We saw almost everything with the exception of polar bear plunge and the galapagos tortoise which we found out later is right past the komodo dragons. hahaha. Oh well. Next time.

Matthew's brother, Mike, and his wife Gina are out here visiting from Indiana this week for their 4th anniversary. Congratulations, you guys! And we're so happy we get to celebrate with them for Autry's 2nd birthday (the 21st) as well.

And then we leave for Family Camp at Forest Home on Sunday! WooHoo! We look forward to camp all year long. We have been so blessed by it. This will be our fourth summer going and we pray that it will be a lasting tradition that our kids will always remember happily.

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Katie said...

what a beautiful family you have matt and holly!
<3 Katie Bierbaum