July 19, 2011


was a pretty fun day! First thing after breakfast, Matthew and Fin left to go see Winnie the Pooh at the theater. Finlay's first movie! He was scared to go into the dark theater but once he saw the screen he was ok. And then he loved the movie. After they got home, I kept hearing him make believe he was eating honey. hehe...
Then Autry went to the garden center and target with him, while Milo, Finlay and I watched Gumby.
the big boys and I also did our second lesson out of their Bible curriculum that came in the mail the other day. I hadn't planned on starting until we begin school September 6th but the boys are excited about it and want to do it. So, I'm definitely not going to say no. I'm hopeful they'll have the same attitude toward their core subjects when we get them next month.
In other news, I had my 24 week appt last wednesday (not sure why I haven't blogged about it till now) and everything is going great. Declan is growing right on track has a healthy heart rate and our only squirmish was my ...ehem... rate of weight gain. ugghh. Up till this appt, I had only gained 8 lbs in the first 20 weeks. But then I gained 7 lbs in the 4 weeks since that last appt. Boo! So I was told to "watch my weight." Now, in my defense, we have had quite the sweet tooth lately and fell for the lemon meringue cake from costco, made smores several times and then with Atury's Birthday week I indulged in 2 birthday cakes, pinata candy, pizza, Sonic and In-N-Out spread out over 4 "birthday parties." Yikes! It's not hard to see how that added up on the scale, eh. So, after doing pretty good since wednesday, I made peanut butter cookies today, my first treat.
That's about it. Much love <3

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