August 24, 2012

Jack's Pond with new friends

This morning we met up with some new friends at one of our favorite parks. Lael and I have only met once before and are still just getting to know each other but over the last 2 weeks we've been texting everyday. I really love her obvious heart for the Lord and how attentively and gently she mothers their son. I barely remember a time when I could be right with Milo every step, before Autry was born. Watching her reminded me of that and I hadn't even realized how my parenting style has transformed over time. I'm so much calmer, more at ease and better able to enjoy each of them than I was when the big boys were tiny. But now I wonder how much I might be missing when I give them more freedom to roam and explore without me shadowing their every step. I'll be praying about how to regain that intensity while maintaining my new calm. I don't know if it's possible. But quitting IG and FB last week has definitely been so freeing that I will not be going back. Maybe just to print photos from IG but seriously, that's it. Anyway, we had a wonderful morning.

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