September 4, 2011

30 Days of Blogging

In an effort to get back on the wagon, I'm going to be following the "30 Days of Blogging"calendar. So here we go. Day 01- A recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts about myself.
1. I am surprisingly conservative. 2. Cooking is a stress reliever for me. 3. I'm very friendly and have many close acquaintances but very few real friends. 4. I love making things that have a use or purpose. Knitting, quilting and making clothes make me happy. 5. I really struggle with having enough patience. 6. I would love to have a daughter but I'm also afraid of having a little me. 7. I think 5 kids is the perfect #. 8. I love the structure of classical curricula AND the ease and nurturing aspect of Waldorf toys and activities. 9. I'm always the last one ready to go anywhere or do anything. 10. I honestly wish I was a better house keeper. 11. I knew I would marry my husband within a week of meeting him. I never had any doubt in my mind about that one. 12. I love sleeping. No really. I could sleep all day. 13. The Pretenders are my favorite band of all time. 14. Sour Patch Kids are my favorite treat. 15. I really struggled to come up with these. And they're probably not all that interesting but, oh well.


Life Of A Mombie said... already are a great at housekeeping..your house is spotless..Don't let anyone tell you diff

Life Of A Mombie said...

you already are an outstanding house keeper..Don't let anyone tell you diff.