March 31, 2011

( No Longer Cautiously) Thrilled To Announce!!!!

We are very excited to officially announce that we're expecting again! As of this writing we're 9 weeks and 5 days along giving us an EDD of Halloween! How fun is that?
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I say cautiously because as you know if you read our blog, we just miscarried in November. My excitement is building to full fledged giddy-ness now but initially I just couldn't allow myself to celebrate. Now, don't get me wrong. I was VERY happy to be pregnant. Just nervous.
But with that fear behind me, I am now super excited and happy to tell anyone who may (or may not, hehe) be interested!
Here is one of the us pics from our 1st appt last week:
Legs are on the left, body and arms in the center and precious little head on the right.
For a moment during the us there seemed to be 2 little treasures in there but I was assured that second figure was simply the placenta. We'll see won't we?
Our next appointment is May 14th and our next ultrasound (including finding out who's in there) will be June 16th! Yay!


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Congratulations on the new addition!