April 1, 2011


I really enjoy reading my friends' blogs! And it makes me wish I could write as well or gather my thoughts and experiences in a way that is both fun and heartfelt. Or even that I could simply remember to blog about it all.
But that's where it gets wonky for me.
I am constantly struggling with guilt about getting online. If I want to get online I HAVE to do it while the kids are awake. I'm always careful to keep my time to no more than 15 minutes and to always know what my kids are doing and so on. I wish it were simpler to get on after the kids are asleep but it's just not. Because by then Matthew's home and I'm busy cleaning up the supper mess and other tornado stricken rooms before collapsing on the couch to try and spend a few meaningful moments with my husband each night.
Another thing I admire about my friends blogs are how comfortable they seem to be with putting their lives out there for the world to see. I on the other hand, am very uncomfortable with it. I'm not used to people knowing so much about me. But I'm working on opening up to people and I'm hopeful that finally committing to this blog that I've had for years will help with that.
So check back often, there will likely be something new to read!


Delane Rineer said...

Ya open up. People loving seeing inside the worlds of other people..People knowing more about your life is a good thing. It lets people get to know you holly as holly and as holly the mom..Its interesting.i use to back off putting stuff out there because of certain people but, our lives are our lives.lets live our lives and share it with others

Overthinking Mama said...

honestly... if i didnt have the great job i do... and moments here and there on down time at work.. I probably wouldn't blog nearly half as much as I do. Its hard finding the time at home to get done everything I need to do AND be able to blog as much as I would want. I don't know how some people do it!!
As far as openness... I am very open on my blog... maybe too much at times, depending on who reads it.. i have to watch what i say when it comes to family and friends becaues i have made the mistake a few times to put too much out there and had people get upset over it...
Do what you feel comfy with. Be prepared for negative comments.. tho they probably will be far and few between.. mine have only been from close people in my life that didnt like i posted about them... but i have had so many people say that they love that I am as open as i am about myself... you really can feel love from some of the comments... but do what you feel comfy with... dont do it because its what everyone else is doing.. do it becuase you want to :-) and you will be happy with and not end up regretting :-)

God Bless