April 27, 2011

Day #3

So much got done today! The excavator was just the thing for digging trenches and they already had pipes together and laid in the trenches by the time I got back.
I left with Ramon around 10 to go plant shopping. It hadn't sounded like a big deal. I asked if I should bring the kids or not and he said, "Oh, no. We'll need to take my truck." So, Matthew says," Cool, they can hang out while I dig right here."
Matthew had to dig from our main in the front of the house around to the back so that there will actually be water flowing through those pipes! Bonus, right!?
Neither of us realized what kind of excursion I was about to go on. We went to several large nurseries, the likes of which, I've never seen. It was like gardener heaven! I won't lie, by the end, some 6 hours later, I was draggin' and Matthew was repeatedly texting "where are you?" and "please hurry! The kids are going nuts!" I was pregnant, hungry, walking up and down dirt/ muddy hills, carrying plants from the rows to the back of the truck and man-o-man, sunburned! But it was a very successful shopping trip that produced 5 trees and 50ish bushes, edible plants including society garlic, blueberry bushes, a strawberry tree and the like, perennial flowers and ornamental grasses!
Obviously not everything is in this photo, but you get the idea! Hooray!


Sandra said...

Hey darling! I am trying to figure out how to follow your blog! =-) I'm not on Baby Gaga very much but saw your message in the in box. Congrats on the new baby on the way! <3

Lauren said...

ok... this is getting crazy. i am looking at your pics. of your new back yard. tony and i are doing the samething with our yard right now. and while i'm looking at your pics, i hear anberlin... i was just listening to them before i got on the computer. they are my fav band of ALL TIME!!!!