April 15, 2011


I've recently realized as I've been researching cloth diapers that there are some serious cloth diaper giveaways on other blogs. This is not only FANTASTIC but educational as well. I've entered only 2 so far, including the following one. You still have till tomorrow to try for it. The prize includes:
* 2 bumGenius 4.0 diapers (snaps or velcro) (In winners choice of color and closure style)
* 1 package of six Thirsties Fab Wipes (In winners choice of color)
* 2 Sample Packets of Rockin Green Detergent
* 2 Sample Packets of Tiny Bubbles Detergent
* 2 Sample Packets of bumGenius Cloth Diaper Detergent
How cool is that? As a total novice cloth diaper-er (? hey, I claimed novice) to possibly win two cloth diapers some cloth wipes and samples of 3 different brands of cloth-diaper-specific detergents is pretty rad. What an excellent way to try different things out and see what works best!
So here's the link:

Please check them out, and good (wait, I don't believe in luck)...er...blessings!

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