April 12, 2011

Cloth Diapering

I have always wanted to try cloth diapers and with Milo I did for about a week and a half (I know, rockstar effort.) But with Milo I only had prefolds and no covers that fit correctly and simply gave up. I never tried again with Autry or Fin.
Well, after a lot of online research and a visit to a local baby boutique that has a cloth diaper sample station where you can try all of the different cloth diapers they sell on a baby doll and check them all out, I have come to a conclusion.
With this new baby, I plan to use gDiapers. I'm currently saving up for their gDiapers gBaby Bundle- small which contains 12 tiny gPants which are sized for newborns, 6 small Little gPants, 2 pkgs of small biodegradable gRefills (80 count) and a Swishstick. It's on sale at Target right now for $124 but I probably won't have enough before the sale is over so it'll likely cost me $150.
But I think it'll be worth it. If this is a girl and I have a shower, I'll register for the larger size and prefolds which I plan to use while at home. I think I'll only be using the gRefills when we're out and about.
Oh, and I discovered that there are also little liners that you can place on top of the prefolds to catch any "solids" and then you just throw that away and throw the wet prefold in the wash. Nice. These ones, are available at BabiesRUs @ $6.99 for 100 liners. Not bad!
Cloth diapers have come a long way since my Mom cloth diapered me. She never encouraged me to try it because she didn't have much fun. hahaha. I'm excited though.

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