April 8, 2011

Home improooovement

We bought our house almost a year ago, exactly. And of course, we've been fixing up a bunch of little (and a few big) things ever since. Well, Hubbs has recently gotten the itch again and in the last few weeks has finished painting the outside trim after painting the entire house last summer, tore down the old and built a brand new fence along the back of our property and tonight had a friend over to help replace a few of our oooold cheapy-cheap 1970's interior doors.
He bought 5 doors in all but they were only able to hang 3 tonight. Apparently as our house has "settled" over the years our door frames are no longer perfectly rectangular. So they've had to do a lot of cutting and sanding to make the doors fit into the frames.
But after all of their hard work we have 3 beautiful new doors and I couldn't be happier with the look of them.
I thanked them with carne asada tacos and all the sides they could eat and I hope that Harold can be persuaded to come again and help us out with more projects as they come up. He's such a nice and knowledgable, God fearing guy and we were blessed to fellowship with him tonight.
Yay!!! for home improvements!

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Life Of A Mombie said...

Check you out..i am gonna have to come and use those not so rectangle doors..they looks so rad..jealous..easter party next weekend..make sure those doors are ready for us.