April 25, 2011

Day #1

Of the new backyard makeover! My work horse of a husband and his friend Tom tilled the entire backyard today. They dug out tree stumps, old french drains, stone paths and brick borders. Shoveled old rock garden beds (think arizona landscaping) into a pile near the gate and raked out all of the weeds. Tom was able to stay about 5 hours but Matthew worked from before the kids and I were up till supper time. He is heroic! Here's a sampling of the progress made today!
It looks like grass in the photo but that's carefully deceptive mowed weeds masquerading as grass.
"Hi ho, hi ho, home from work I go...." hahaha that's a pick axe, if you can't tell. So, it's funny.
Beautiful tilled soil ready for irrigation, new sod, garden beds, edible landscaping, a new patio and a fire pit! Yes, oh, yes! A ton of work ahead of us, but I cannot wait!

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