April 6, 2011


So, truth be told, I haven't seen my natural hair color in at least a decade. I've been a red head for the last 5 years with varying shades from a mild strawberry blonde to a bold bright auburn but never straying too far from the realm of natural shades. The most unnatural colors I've had were blue-black and black cherry but not really all that rebellious.
Well, I've long envied the women who were bold enough to color their hair WHATEVER color they want, regardless of the social consequence.
So I decided to take the leap but keep it in my comfort zone with a bold red.
I picked this up at Walmart yesterday:
It was a two step process so first I bleached:
Then I colored:

And obviously the results were less than accurate....
However, I'm taking it in stride (despite feeling a lot like a My Little Pony) and I've decided to rock it for awhile.


Life Of A Mombie said...

i love it........bold and beautiful

Overthinking Mama said...

i love it!! i went crazy last summer and in an act of rebellion (mad at my bf and mom- wow i sound like a teenager) i colored the front part of my hair hot pink... sadly it only lasted a couple days because we went to florida and the pool and sun bleached it out... Ive always wanted to do something wild and crazy with my hair but i am scared. i work in an office and even tho they are pretty leinent with my looks/piercings/tattoos etc... i think that might be pushing it just a lil bit.
ps. i am a new follower. i seen you followed my blog so i checked urs out and love it!!!

going to comment on more :-)

God Bless You

Life Of A Mombie said...

i love it even more in real life.. :)