May 3, 2011

Good grief!

Sorry for going mia on ya! As most of you know, my husband is a graphic designer and by default, not a manual laborer. Well all of his hard work in the yard paid him back with a trip to the dr for some iv fluids for dehydration and an order to back off for awhile. After losing 16 lbs in a few days time, loss of appetite, head aches and lethargy he agreed he should probably give it a rest. So we took a few days off and had others like my parents, myself and our boys pick up the slack on Saturday. We got all the pipes covered and the patio beds dug out (yes, again! thanks a lot, excavator) and the whole yard as smooth as humanly possible.
Yesterday my sweet man rallied and built two of the new garden boxes for me and they came out great! They still need chicken wire stapled to the bottoms (dang gophers) but we still have time to do that.
And now today we have helpers again! Yay! Ramon, Emanuel and Mitch are back and Matthew hopes to have the irrigation completed, the fire pit is almost finished and dg should be moved from my driveway to the back patios this afternoon. Progress!

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Life Of A Mombie said...

*clears throat* bbq...ehhumm