May 23, 2011

Geez louise

Do you ever have those days where nothing in particular goes wrong but just every little thing gets under your skin and no matter how aware you are of simply having a bad attitude you can't shake it? That was me today.
The day started out pretty normal for a shopping day; "what is left for breakfast?" No big deal, there was plenty to eat. Then I ran over to the charter school to meet with our new EF (educational facilitator) whom I adored. She's very chill but also very knowledgeable and organized. She's been facilitating with Dehesa for 8 years and has three boys. We talked about the curriculum we've been following this year and what's working or not working for us. She couldn't believe the level of Milo's reading, writing and math examples that I turned in. :o) And we talked about ordering the Calvert curriculum for both boys next year. Apparently, our former EF couldn't hang and not only didn't order curriculum for any of his assigned students but also just showed up at the office, dropped of his keys and said he quit. Nice.
I went next door to the Montessori side and asked if they could transfer Milo and Autry's registration forms over to the ISP side which, of course, was no problem. I had originally put both boys on the waiting list for the montessori program 2 days a week for next year but found out 2 months ago they won't be getting in until the following year. Oh well. Lame but not a huge bummer. I left this morning feeling pleased and accomplished.
After I got home we hung around and did lazy weekend things. Felafel for lunch. mmmm.... And later in the afternoon took off to run errands. This is where the story goes downhill. First was a stop at the Postal Annex to print out some forms still needed for Autry's enrollment and the boys did very well. Next we went to Target for a few things that TJ's just doesn't sell and the boys weren't specifically wild but they were bothersome. Mild wrestling, Fin wouldn't stay in the cart, begging for gum, knocking things off of shelves and the like. No tantrums, no fighting, yelling or crying. Just irritating.
Next was Jimbo's to try to find some superfood powders that I've never heard of before but are considered essential and instead of my current vitamin ritual per my Nourishing Traditions book (love love love. Thanks Rachel!)

Of course, I couldn't find them and was getting even more agitated by the vitamin counter people ignoring me as they listened to a forever long presentation by a Jason Lotion rep and the boys continued mildly crazy antics.
Finally, over to Trader Joe's we get everything, except 2 qts of whole raw milk (bummer,) and it even cost less than I was expecting, woohoo! However, when the boys pouted and refused the lollipops that were the only available prize for finding Arrrrmando it was so awkward and pretty embarrassing. Out to the car we go but by now I'm fuming. All the way home I cranked up the Smashing Pumpkins so that I couldn't hear their teasing and bickering. Then at home, it's past supper time so I'm rushing to get the cold stuff put away while cooking supper and keeping the kids at bay while Matthew did who knows what out back. The kids liked it but despite not being happy with how it came out myself I was pissed that Matthew didn't like it. After I got the kitchen cleaned up, all the kids in jammies, teeth brushed, stories read and in bed I was exhausted! But now that it's later and Matthew's working on free lance with Jamie at the Yellow Deli, I'm calm and can think back on how I let myself get so bent out of shape. Blah. It makes me sad. I feel like I wasted the afternoon being upset and rude to my kids and husband. I pray tomorrow is a better day from start to finish. Good night all!

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