May 30, 2011

More progress

Our sweet great dane, Pepper, is a giant. And as such, she steps on and breaks things that, to her, seem tiny and insignificant, like our new plants. So, for our sanity and to keep her from getting in trouble for doing nothing except being a careless dog, Matthew built this fence to create a dog run for her on the shady side of the house. It's a rather large space and contains 3 trees and quite a bit of open space for her to cruise around in when we can't be outside with her. He chose this fence design to be just at her head height (tall enough that she doesn't realize she could easily jump over if she wanted to) and with wide gaps in the boards so that if we are outside but don't want her around, like say a bbq or playdate where she might steal food or knock little kids over, she can still see what's going on and can visit with people who venture to her side. It still needs to be sealed but I'm very happy with how it came out!
While he was building that, the kids helped me plant all the berries and other plants that needed to go in the ground still. Matthew also got all the fruit trees planted and drip lines connected, as well. Well... all except our cherry tree whose intended home turns out to be in solid rock. So, now we've gotta find it a new home. And we will. Tomorrow he'll finish up the prep for the sod which comes Wednesday!!!! I can't wait to post updated pics. Check back soon...

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