May 5, 2011

IT'S A....

Wow, so our 3D/4D ultrasound went great! We went to a place in San Diego called A Baby Visit and they were excellent! The people there were so friendly and helpful. They were recommended to me by my best friend, Delane, who went there to "visit" her last baby, Draven.
I was so excited that so many people were able to come. My parents, Matthew's Mom, our sil, Gina, and our two beautiful nieces, Brooklyn and Austin, of course, my bff Delane and her sweet kiddos, Scarlet, Dexter and Draven. The waiting room was pretty small and looked alot like any old drs office waiting room.
When it was our turn to go into the room, I was surprised by how big the "theater" was.

And the floor to ceiling viewing screen was excellent for all of our guests to get to see our precious little one!
Baby was incredibly active the whole time and was making it very difficult to see what we were looking for. As soon as we got close to seeing, baby would move or kick. And we saw a lot of the baby's back. As if the baby knew we were prying.
Well, after being told to get up and walk /jump around (and drink some orange juice, Thanks Delane!) to see if we could get the baby to turn around....
Delane took this picture, so obviously, she's not in it. So, we had some taken of us together, too.

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