November 21, 2011

Super day today

So, today was pretty fun. I got up and left a well fed baby snuggling in bed with Daddy, big boys sleeping and took Finlay alone to the grocery store with me. We got everything for Italian Beef Sandwiches (secret recipe, shhh) and threw it all together in the crockpot when we got home. Then I had to run straight out to go have my hair done (woot woot!) by the lovely Sweetpea Suter. I love how it came out. Pics to come...
Then pharmacy, back to the grocery store and home. The place was hoppin' with men and boys. They put up the Christmas tree while I was gone. :(
And Matthew's friends Harold and Jake came over and hung new doors to the boys bedrooms. Then dinner -delicious and key lime pie for dessert...mmmmmmm.

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