December 10, 2011

Man, I was doing so good

But lately I've fallen down the rabbit hole between home schooling, getting back on the P90X wagon and all my new social network apps. I think it's clear what needs to give...
The working out, lol just kidding.
But here's the hard part which apps go?
I mean I'm never on fb anymore but it's the only way I connect with some people.
And now I really like Path but hardly anyone is on it.
Pinterest must stay. No brainer.
Twitter is great for chatting with my best friend but I also talk to her on all the others, too.
And now that we both use MyFitnessPal we can chat on there, too.
Instagram is fun but its similar to Path but without the videos.
They all have their pros and cons and I just have to figure out which 1-2 I'm going to keep. It's just too much keeping them all updated. But in the meantime here's a few photos from the last week or so... Enjoy.

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