June 21, 2011


Today, 5 years ago, Autry Scott joined our family!
I had been having annoying, yet, not painful contractions for a week or so before feeling the real thing on Tuesday evening. At my doctor's appointment the day before, Dr. DuHamel had said she was amazed by how low he was sitting and I was already 4 cm dilated and 75% effaced. I was told that Autry would be born in the next 72 hours. And sure enough, I started having labor contractions at around 5 pm the next day (Tuesday.) So, off we went to the hospital with big brother, Milo, thrilled to finally get to meet him! After about 7 hours of labor I asked for something to "help me!!!!" but not an epidural. They checked me and I was 7 cm and decided to give me Stadol. (Yuck no one get this!) I felt horrible, almost drunk-like and Matthew said my speech was blurred. But right afterward I was complaining about a pain by my left hip that would not go away. They checked again and his head was on it's way out! The dr on call, Dr. Murrillo, who had also delivered Milo, was still at home so they sort of freaked out a little and told me to lay on my side while they turned off the pitocin until she could get there. Matthew called my parents to see where they were and luckily they were in the parking lot on their way in.. So, Nana and Papa arrived just in time to see Autry be born. Two pushes and he was out!
Autry, you (and your brothers) are my greatest accomplishments and the joy of my life! This is truly a day that no one celebrates more than me! I love you!
Happy Birthday to my Amazing Autry!

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