June 13, 2011

Since Wednesday ...

*I colored my hair red again
and discovered that my hair has finally reached the point that I need 3 boxes to cover it all. Gaah!
*Joyously found out that our charter school has decided to make an exception and pay for the entire Calvert curriculum for BOTH boys and even cover the difference beyond the $700 they typically allow by rolling over Milo's remaining EU's from this year! Praise God!
*Our seeds have sprouted in the garden boxes! The boys and I are always excited to see seedlings popping through. It just feels good, for some reason.
*We Enjoyed a "graduation Sunday" carnival on the back lot at church yesterday. It was a great time and the boys were surprisingly well behaved. They partook in inflatable fun, hot dogs/ corndogs (eeew), a train ride and even jousting.
Autry got in ONE good hit before...
his inevitable defeat.
Then at the car they ALL decided they just had to pee. They're 6, 4 & 2. Don't judge me...
Then we had a great time with my brother, Mike and his sweet girlfriend, Rachel, who came up to help out, hang out and devour some In-N-Out with us. Mmmmmmmm....
*I had my 20 wk prenatal check up. I took Finlay with me and the older boys went to pick out plants for the back hill with Matthew. It was actually quite fun having him with me. He helped Mary, my midwife, find and listen to the baby's heartbeat and asked 100 cute questions and even got four Spiderman stickers for being so good. Then he and I went to Starbucks for treats on the way home.
There was more mundane stuff but who wants to know that much about us, really?
Much love,
The Bennetts

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