January 7, 2012

Glub glub glub...

Gosh it's hard to pump enough to set aside milk for Declan for tomorrow night when the little goober wants to nurse all the time. We're taking Milo to a Brain Highways assessment and then out to dinner, just the three of us. That hasn't happened since before Autry was born. I think we're all pretty stoked at the idea. I am hoping to have a little time to make some travel sized samples to take to church in the morning to show Rachel from the Bookshop. I approached her about them carrying my Lavish Love Handmade products and she sounds interested. She already has my product list and I need to bring her the samples so that she can, of course, decide if they're up to snuff. I've decided on labels and just need to order those and get my sweet Husband to do my business cards and I'll be ready to go.
I plan to create a page here with a link to my etsy page in the next day or so.

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