January 8, 2012


So I believe in a young earth and that we're not evolved from cavemen, however, the Paleo Diet makes so much sense to me. Now I will never be 100% (or even 80% probably) paleo because I simply love cheese and bread and such. But if I could reach that 80% paleo mark I know I would be so much healthier( and lighter.)
What is this Paleo Diet, you ask?
Well, it follows the idea that our bodies are designed to digest and make the best use of fruit, vegetables and meat. And that dairy and grains were not part of our original diets because they require the well thought out process of purposeful agriculture. Now, to be clear, I know that God created us with fully functioning brains and we're not evolved creatures as described above BUT I also know that my dependence on dairy and grains for snacking and other favorite but not healthy recipes are keeping me fat despite my best workout efforts. So, this is where I'm at.
Check it out for yourself.

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