August 19, 2011

Photo Day!

I make curry a lot. A lot a lot. All different kinds and ways. Last week before our vacation started I made this and it was delicious.
Chop chop
Boil your potatoes
This is the curry I used this time. I definitely recommend the medium because it
s still not spicy.
Serve with basmati rice and naan and you're all set.
We also took the boys to Mulberry Park and had some fun to hanging out together.
Then we decided to take advantage of Matthew's time off and ran out to Las Vegas for a few days before our camping trip.
We noticed a chip when we stopped in Menifee at the Super Target and by the time we finished shopping it looked like this. :( Matthew had the insurance co send out a chip repair guy who turned out to be someone we knew (!) and he did his best but before we left Vegas we had to get a new wind shield. Lame.
In an Auntie Anne's pretzel trance
If you're ever in Vegas, go here. Killer.
After Vegas, we came home, unpacked, washed clothes, repacked and went camping. I'll post camping pics later. Too many to go through right now.
Today I drove up to Menifee again but this time I got to hang out with my bestie, Delane, and finally deliver Scarlet's birthday presents. A full two weeks late, geez. I made her two dresses and a reversible skirt. (And knit a beanie with built in pigtail holes that turned out poopy, so I didn't give it to her.)
Whew.... I think that covers it for now. I'll post the camping pictures asap.

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