August 9, 2011

Pure Beauty

Hey all, I am so excited and honored to be the first featured blogger in Amy Jean's Pure Beauty feature! I hope you'll head over there and check her out!

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Charla Liedahl said...

Hi Holly--I just found your blog through the craziness that is cyberspace! Your boys have gotten so big and they are just gorgeous! Congratulations on your little guy that's cookin' in your belly, too! We miss San Diego and Horizon (it's truly home for both Todd and me) so much even though we've been gone for over four years, but the Lord is moving us on to a brand new season of life in the lovely state of Georgia later this summer! We are thrilled for this new adventure and already know that we'll finally be "at home" after four years of wandering in our own "desert." Check out our blog when you have a chance. Blessings to your sweet family!