August 5, 2011

Today started out pretty normal. Things went awry right after snack time when I was laughing at myself putting out basically a party platter for the boys for snack,
and then within 4 minutes it was gone! lol The little jackals. Geez louise.
It was funny enough to me that I thought to take pictures, obviously. Then while I was cleaning up the boys went out back to play and I checked my facebook to see if the pictures had posted. Suddenly I hear Autry screaming bloody murder and Milo is running towards me yelling "Autry got cut!" I could see the blood dripping from his finger from far away and my brain started freaking out. As I was washing it and the blood just kept coming and coming, I decided "ok, this is going to be our first ER run."
So, I wrapped it in a dish towel and had him pinch it while I got all the kiddos dressed in record time. Yes, they were still in jammies at 10:45. Don't judge me. And we rushed over to the urgent care at Kaiser(thanks to a call from my ever calm Hubbs.) Of course, urgent care didn't open till noon. Of course, right? Well, fortunately the bleeding had stopped and he was just wimpering at this point. We waited for almost an hour for it to open but then got right in. All in all, he got an expensive bandaid.
Because he's fine... That's right. His finger's life flashed before my eyes for naught. He's fine. lol
But during the wait I was texting with a good friend and sister in Christ about how ridiculous it's going to be to feed these boys when their teenagers and she confided about their current financial hardship. She is so on my heart and I've been praying for her and her sweet family. After we got home, the boys and I were just hanging out and I was reading my new Above Rubies magazine
and there on pg 5 was this encouragement:
Do you feel poor? Can't pay the bills! Your house is too small! You are in the very situation to make many people rich (2 Corinthians 6:10.) You can make your husband rich by making your home a sanctuary of love, joy and contentment. You make your children rich by showing how to have a joyful attitude even in trials. You make them rich as you impart God's Word richly into their lives (Colossians 3:16.)
- Nancy Campbell
This is both challenging but hopeful. I think we can all apply this no matter our circumstances.
That's all for today.
Much love!

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