August 4, 2011

Tuesday- Today

This is how we roll at the beach... lol
Matthew and Milo were too far out in the waves for me to get a clear picture of them but they were there having a great time, too. We plan to go back next week!
And today we had quite the harvest party in the back yard! We've been harvesting deliciouseness for the last 2 weeks but never as much in one day as this. Then I blanched and froze the beans and peas and we'll be having those tomatoes in salads tonight and tomorrow.
Some sad news, for me anyway, is that my bestie, Delane, and her family are moving about 45 minutes away. But it's a good move for their family, so, who am I to complain about a 45 minute drive. Selfish selfish.


Life Of A Mombie said...

i thought you guys don't do "the beach"?

The Bennetts said...

thus my jeans, lol. This is our first time to the beach in 2 years. We're pathetic San Diegans.I was irritated the entire time by all the sand on me and in our food and Fin kept rubbing it in his eyes. Pain in the butt